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To the Estacaille Genealogy One Name Study database and blog

This genealogy database is constantly under construction as I slowly add records and images through my research of my Estacaille ancestors and cousins.

My research started in the late 1990s, talking to grandparents, distant cousins, researching records for the names Istacaille, Istecaille, Estecaille, Estacalle, Estecalle, Estacaille and other variant spellings.  The search through various sources have taken me through parts of Canada (my branch), United States, Uruguay, Argentina, France, Spain and Algeria.

This site contains only a portion of my entire database as I have not included possibly living relatives.  If a child recently died before his parents, you will not see the information on his ancestors.  There are individuals that have passed, but missing death dates – actual or estimated. These individuals will also be missing, but I am slowly working on this issue, at least estimating birth/death dates so they will appear online.

The Estacaille genealogy database is created using another software program, so you may notice a difference in the design for this section, the blog, and the database. 

The blog will contain stories of where my research has been leading as well as other tidbits from life.

Did my genealogy database help you in your research? Let me know, send me a testimonial!

Emil Rudolph Judas

Emil Judas


Emma Rosina Eckart Judas

Emma Eckart


Bernard Estacaille


Lucella Overton

Lucella Overton


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